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The Media Company


The Media Company

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley
in sunny San Jose, California, USA

How to get to the Media Company

  • From I-280 north, find your way to I-280 south. Otherwise it's hopeless.
  • From I-280 south, take the Winchester Boulevard exit.
  • Turn right at Moorpark Avenue.
  • Turn right at San Thomas Expressway.
  • Turn right at Stevens Creek Boulevard.
  • Notice Barnes and Noble Bookstore at the corner.
  • Turn right at Cypress Avenue.
  • Turn right at Judro Way.
  • Turn right at Quail Bush Court.
  • Do you feel dizzy now?
  • Trace your steps back to Barnes and Noble and stop in for Espresso. It's much more enjoyable there. And while you're there, pick out a book to read at your liesure. It's standard Barnes and Noble policy.
  • Then contact us by email or our feedback page. It's electric. It's the internet.

The Media Company
549 Quail Bush Ct.
San Jose, CA 95117-4202